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Feed Your Face!

Posted on 08/08/2016 by Pam Wheeler

I can hardly wait to try the latest trend for a healthier treat: Frozen Banana Ice Cream.  It's sugar and dairy-free, naturally sweetened, simple to make, and all you need is one ingredient!  Frozen bananas are pureed into a creamy soft-serve that's delicious all by itself, or you may add another favorite fruit, cocoa powder, or fresh mint.  Here's the Frozen Banana Ice Cream recipe that comes from "That Clean Life" blog. You may even want to try adding peanut butter -- your options are only as limited as your imagination!  

So what are the benefits for the skin?  Eating a dairy and sugar-free diet is believed by many skin experts to help reduce inflammation, and therefore help improve skin that is prone to acne and blemish breakouts.  Bananas also contain moisture, potassium and Vitamins C & E, which help promote clear, glowing skin.  Enjoy!  

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