Happy Summer! Protect Your Skin!

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Summer Weather is Here — Protect Your Skin!  

The sunshine has finally returned and Summer is nearly here!  Here in the Pacific Northwest, it’s been an unusually long, wet and cold Spring, and we’re all ready for some warm sunny days and to enjoy some time outdoors!

A few years ago I attended a class at a skin care conference in California called “The Skinny on Skin”, by Impact Melanoma, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping reduce the incidence of melanoma and to provide education, prevention and support for skin cancer.  Not only did I increase my awareness about melanoma, but I also learned that this most dangerous type of skin cancer is far more prevalent than I had previously been aware.  I also gained knowledge of some Sun-safety tips, which can help to significantly reduce the risk of sun damage and skin cancer.

Here are some great tips from impactmelanoma.org to help keep you Sun safe, as well as more information about skin cancer.  For your own health, and that of your loved ones, I encourage you to check out the above link to learn more.  Increasing your awareness could even save someone’s life!

Please remember to protect your skin from the damaging UV rays by wearing a good broad-spectrum sunscreen, and re-applying at least every two hours, or every time you get out of the water or every hour when you’re engaged in and activities that cause you to perspire.

I also highly recommend wearing UPF hats, and clothing to help protect your skin.  The harmful UV rays from the Sun are also the primary cause of premature aging, in additionto increasing your risk for developing skin cancer.

Charisma Skin’s Brightening Day Protection SPF-50 is a good daytime moisturizer that includes broad-spectrum sun protection, and all of our foundations, tint and BB Creme contain physical barrier (Zinc Oxide/Titanium Dioxide) mineral sun protection for your skin.

Enjoy your time outdoors and be sun-safe!  Happy Summer! 



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