Your Skin

Charisma offers a Skincare Consultation to help determine which products are best for your skin. Simply refer to the Skincare Consultation Chart below to determine your skin type, and then select products for your skin type according to the recommendations listed for each Charisma skincare product.

Dry Skin
Your skin feels tight and dehydrated over the entire face. Your pores are small and your skin has a tendency toward flaking and fine lines. You have no oily sheen and skin may appear rather dull. Mature skin or skin that shows signs of premature aging may also fall into this category.
Combination/Dry Skin
Your skin feels normal in the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin area), with visible pores, but feels tight and dry in areas, typically the check, jaw and eye areas. Dehydration and signs of premature aging are of concern, especially around the eyes.
Normal/Combination Skin
Your skin has visible pores with a normal amount of oil in the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin area), and may feel normal or somewhat dry in the cheek, jaw and eye areas. Dehydration is a primary concern.
Oily/Combination Skin
Your skin feels oily through the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin area), with visible to larger pores, and feels normal in cheek, and eye areas. Blemishes and clogged pores may occur frequently, particularly in the oily areas. Controlling breakout and excess oil in key areas are the main concerns.
Oily Skin
Your skin is oily, with visible to larger pores, and usually has a shine. Excess sebum is produced throughout the entire face, especially in the T-zone. Breakout and clogged pores are common problems. Your major concerns are controlling your skinís excess oil and blemishes.
Sensitive Skin
Sensitive skin is more of a condition than a skin type therefore it is possible to experience sensitivities with any skin type. Your skin is prone to reactions in the form of rashes or redness and may have dry patches. Simple formulas with calming ingredients that are fragrance-free are best for sensitive skin.