Brow shape and wax

Upper & lower lip wax including high frequency treatment to prevent post-wax breakout.

Brow shape and wax, upper and lower lip wax including high-frequency treatment to prevent post-wax breakout.

Wax chin or jawline area

Full face wax, including brow shape and wax, and high frequency treatment for upper lip area to prevent post-wax breakout.

Underarm Wax

Classic bikini wax removes hair from side of leg and groin area.

The French bikini wax is approximately 1" to 1-1/2" narrower than the Classic Bikini. Also includes approximately 1" of hair removal from top of bikini area, if desired.

Full-leg wax includes hair removal from mid-upper thigh, knee and lower leg area.

Removal of leg hair from lower leg, including the knee area.